Il fait chaud !

It's hot !

It was last September.

We were at the Maison & Objet show for our brand of (magical) jewelry and it was hot, very hot!

The air conditioning in our exhibition hall was not working… and we were literally sweating…

While I always have a fan in my handbag during the summer months, there… I hadn't taken it. He quietly stayed in the office while I melted away.

Returning to our little Airbnb after an exhausting day of heat, I had fun “scrolling” to look for a fan (which could not be delivered in time for our show week anyway…) But, I wanted to give me this gift: a beautiful, fashionable fan, with bright colors, a design that changes... Then jumping from page to page and from site to site, I finally resigned myself... Well, not quite!

One sleepless night

Frustrated at not having found what I was looking for, I started to imagine the perfect fan.

I should never have started thinking! I had started the machine… it was too late.

I spent my night imagining, drawing, brainstorming, calculating... And there it was, unable to find a fan to my liking, I wanted to create my own brand! And I wanted to do it now!!! I had a feeling of urgency that I couldn't explain... that almost took me to the stomach!

I also spent a good part of my night thinking about how I was going to tell Fanny.

Fanny has worked with me since the beginning of the adventure on the “Les Mots Doux” brand. She is my right arm, my alter ego, my friend. We are very complementary. On the other hand, it is rather anchored when I am in the clouds! And that’s precisely why this pairing works so well!

I thought she was going to say to me “But you’re tiring me out with all your ideas!! »

Those who know me will understand!

I was sure she would say to me, “We have so much work and so much to do on “Les Mots Douces” , why spread ourselves too thin? » So I prepared my arguments.

When my alarm goes off and wakes me from my sleepless night, you can see the sleep deficit on my face. Fanny is worried, asks me if I don't have a problem and suggests we have a coffee on the terrace.

I take a deep breath and bring out the whole story of my night.

The more I progressed in my presentation, the more his smile grew! And when I gave him my final argument: “Your little name is “Fan” which means fan in English… it’s written! ”, she burst out laughing and told me “Yes”!

A condition

So, after telling me yes, Fanny still sets a condition: We must present a collection for the next Maison&Objet show which takes place in a little less than 4 months!

She's right. Now that we are convinced of our golden idea, we must start the machine!

To be continued ;)

See you soon !


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