The brand

  • Let a wind of madness blow into your life!

    Welcome to the world of Olé~Olé, a brand where elegance meets the unique pleasure of treating yourself to a breath of fresh air.

    Founded by Maud Lemonnier, the creator of Mots Doux, and her friend Fanny Receveur,
    Olé~Olé is more than just a fan brand:
    It’s an invitation to embrace a vibrant and colorful lifestyle!

  • Unique creations, imagined in France and handmade in Spain

    Each Olé~Olé fan is a graphic creation,
    designed with passion in France by Maud Lemonnier.

    Then, with ancestral know-how, our fans come to life
    in the skillful hands of Spanish artisans.

    The result ? Fans that are not just accessories,
    but a real style statement!

  • The rest is just wind!

    We invite you to discover our very first collection, where each fan tells a story, brings a touch of color and joy to your daily life.

    At Olé~Olé, we believe that life is too short to be boring: so live each moment with grace
    and fun!

    Our fans are the unique accessory for those who dare to live boldly and lightly.

    The rest, after all, is just wind!

    Welcome to the world of Olé~Olé.