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The fan strap: Fluorescent yellow

The fan strap: Fluorescent yellow

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Here is the essential accessory for your beloved fan: the wrist strap! Entirely handmade in France, this wrist strap will allow you to always have it at hand. What color will you choose?


  • Lace cord 150 cm
  • Sliding pusher
  • Golden carabiner
  • Handmade (with love) in France 🇫🇷

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A word from the creator

Good morning,

I am Maud, the creator of the brand “Olé~Olé” (but also of “ Les Mots Doux ”).

I am passionate about the joy of living, colors, and of course... Fans (without forgetting my fascination with clouds, but that's another story!). Since I was young, I have always been attracted to this accessory.

At the age of 5 , I already had a beautiful collection of fans: from the souvenir offered by the local Chinese restaurant to the lace fan brought back from a trip to Spain, including a plastic model unearthed in a local store.

Today, I am happy to offer you our first collection of fans with peppy colors and graphic design, which brings this somewhat neglected accessory back into the spotlight.

With Fanny, my friend and “spare partner”, we designed chic, elegant and not too serious models… because life is far too short to be boring.

These fans are handmade by Spanish craftsmen who are masters in the field. All other components, such as the ribbon for example, are produced in France. It was very important for us to offer you an accessory of superior quality and, above all, one that respects our values.

Forget hot flashes, discomfort during a trip, a concert, or even during an evening where you fear sweat marks! And you'll see, holding a fan is a bit like being on 12 heels! At least that's what we've observed among all our friends who have tested it, and they are unanimous: it works.

Here is a stylish gift to give (to yourself)!

And if you want, you can also personalize it with a message, a mantra, or a nickname!

We will engrave it in the workshop to make it a unique piece.



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